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Here at Hines Pool & Spa we love to help you learn all there is about your pool or spa.

Can’t come in for a class? No problem, we have put together a collection of ‘how-to’ videos to guide you through home pool and spa maintenance. From vacuuming, brushing, water samples, testing, etc, we have you covered. Who knew pool & spa maintenance could be so easy.

Pool and Spa Cleaning

Ongoing Pool Care and Maintenance

Skimming the Surface

How to Remove Water and Attach Vac Hose

How to Vacuum

Brushing the Walls and Bottom

Fall & Winter Pool Care

Testing Pool Water

Introduction to Pool Water Chemistry

Getting Started with Pool Water Chemistry

Preparing Your Pool

The Dangers of Cloudy Pool Water

Determining your Pool Volume

Testing your Pool Chemistry

How to Correctly Retrieve a Water Sample

Testing for pH

Testing for Alkalinity

Testing for Calcium Hardness

Testing for Free Chlorine

Testing for Combined Chlorine

Testing for Cyanuric Acid (Chlorine Stabilizer)

Balancing your Pool Water

We Can Deliver Your Pool Chemicals

If you need chemical delivery please use our online store to order what you need.

Let's Design & Build
Your Backyard Oasis

Schedule a no obligation in home consultation with one of our design specialists. We’ll provide you with a realistic design and a detailed estimate on your dream pool.

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