Since 1986, when Andy went out on his own, cleaning pools has been a primary focus for Hines. Our cleaning department has gone through many changes since the early days - we upgraded Andy’s 1984 Celica for a fleet of GPS tracked trucks and vans which provide our cleaners with a mobile warehouse so they have what they need to take care of your pool.

Not every company has the knowledge and experience to maintain large commercial pools. We have worked hard to maintain and grow those relationships. The cleaners we assign to our commercial clients understand the challenges faced by high swimmer load, constant demands for on-site maintenance personnel time, and rigorous standards imposed by inspectors.

Whether your pool serves your family or an entire community, we have the experience to make your backyard dreams come true! Our team has been performing renovations for over 20 years from the basic replaster of a backyard pool to complete redesign and re plumbing of olympic sized pools and natatoriums at Ft Hood, Texas.

The basic concept of how pool and spa equipment work has changed little since 1986 when Andy started Hines Pool & Spa. However, equipment manufacturers have and continue to advance their products as well as incorporate technology, leading to improvements in efficiency, effectiveness, and safety.

How much water should a pool lose due to evaporation? Many factors contribute to normal water loss. Normal water loss of ¼” per day, but if pool loses 1” of water per day, that equates to over 108,000 gallons of water plus chemicals per year. Not only is that costly, but it could be damaging the pool.

Pool and spa upkeep can be confusing and daunting. At Hines Pool & Spa, we are here to help you with your pool and spa chemical needs. We have conveniently created chemical calculators to help you know how much and which kind of chemicals to add, and a daily log form to keep track so your pool and spa will always sparkle.



I just wanted Thank you for Jesse. He just came out and performed just max dude! Thank you so much. He took care of us, he double checked, made sure, triple checked – that’s incredible. That’s what’s good about you, that’s whats killer about you guys! I really appreciate it. Thank you so much. We are functional! Thanks to you!

T., Satisfied Customer

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