Salt Protect – 1Qt



Salt Protect helps solve many common salt water pool issues.


This product help remove scale buildup on the cell and helps prevent buildup with regular use. It will also help balance the water pH and reduce hard water problems. Salt Protect will not add phosphates but actually lower levels that lead to many water problems. The salt cell life will be prolonged by the proper use of Salt Protect. The product will remove organic stains and prevent these same stains from returning in the future. It is compatible with all sanitizers, acid and many common pool chemicals. It’s a stable product and is very effective. You will find that Salt Protect is also a helpful tool for spring startup and the winterizing process.

Salt Protect Features

Salt Protect addresses the common problems that salt water pool owners face. It removes scale and will keep the cell clean. Lowers phosphates and helps to balance the water pH and reduces hard water problems. May be diluted and used as a cell soak.

Salt Protect Instructions

Salt Protect can be used with all sanitizers, acid and most common pool chemicals. Salt Protect can be used with Aquadex 50 Stain Off as part of a complete stain removal system. The first dose of Salt Protect is one quart per 20,000 gallons. The maintenance dose is 12 ounces per month per 20,000 gallons. The initial application may reduce chlorine levels so check the water balance after application. May be diluted and used as a cell soak.

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