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Oreq Animal Commercial Service Grade Maintenance Equipment is designed and manufactured to withstand daily use. The equipment is constructed of high impact plastics with Ultra UV Protection to give it strength and long life without any rust or scale issues from other metal based equipment. All Animal Maintenance Equipment comes with the SpeedLock Collar Connection system, strengthening the connection to the pole and making it easy to change tools in and out.


  • Strength & flexibility; designed to contour with the pool’s surface so there’s less force needed when brushing.
  • No Metal – Highest Quality Construction that will not corrode or rust. Will not damage your surface, or your pole.
  • Combo Grit/Poly Bristles for better Concrete Pool deep down dirt and algae scrubbing.
  • Corner Brushing – Bristled end caps designed for getting into corners
  • Quality Bristles – Ultra UV protection allows for longer life and better performance
  • Use on Concrete, Guinite, or Plaster pools only.
  • Magnetic Edge for picking up any metal objects at the bottom of the pool.
  • Strong Collar – The SpeedLock collar strengthens the connection while still allowing it to flex when needed.

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