Our Videos

Here at Hines Pool & Spa we love to help you learn all there is about your pool or spa. Can't come in for a class? No problem, we have put together a collection of 'how-to' videos to guide you through home pool and spa maintenance. From vacuuming, brushing, water samples, testing, etc, we have you covered. Who knew pool & spa maintenance could be so easy.

Pool and Spa Cleaning

Skimming the Surface

How to Remove Water and Attach Vac Hose

How to Vacuum

Fall & Winter Pool Care

How to Retrieve a Water Sample

Brushing the Walls and Bottom

Pool Testing

How to Correctly Retrieve a Water Sample

Testing for pH

Testing for Alkalinity

Testing for Free Chlorine

Testing for Combined Chlorine

Testing for Calcium Hardness

Testing for Cyanuric Acid (Chlorine Stabilizer)

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