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pool school

Hines Pool & Spa can help you understand the basics of maintaining your pool.

Even if you have weekly pool service, we believe every homeowner should understand the basics of maintaining their pool. We offer a 1-2 hour customized training session at your home, on your pool deck, and working with your equipment. You will also learn what to do during a freeze/power outage!

If you don’t already have one, we can also provide a test kit for use to ensure your pool chemistry is kept at the correct levels.

Equipment Pad

  • Understanding your equipment
  • What to look for on a weekly basis
  • What to do during a freeze or power outage
  • Pump Operations – understanding/using variable speed pumps, emptying pump baskets
  • Filter Operations – Backwashing Sand/DE filters, cleaning/degreasing cartridge filters, breaking down DE filters (discussion/demonstration)
  • Heater Operations – how to properly use, setting temperatures
  • Pool Automation – operations, programming
  • Other equipment as needed based on your set up

Pool Side​

  • Chemical testing, understanding the results, and making adjustments
  • Cleaning – brushing, vacuuming, netting debris, emptying skimmer baskets
  • Pool cleaner/robotic cleaner usage

Basic troubleshooting

  • Chemistry
  • Equipment

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