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Freeze Protection – What is it and Do you have it?

Freeze protection is the first line of defense in winter, so what is it and do you have it? Freeze protection is a device with a temperature sensor and when the temperature reaches a set level, usually 34-37° F, a signal is sent to the pumps, overriding any set automated program, to turn on and remain on until the temperature rises above the set temperature.

There are two primary types of freeze protection.

Standalone freeze protection devices

Used if your pool has basic timers controlling your pumps and will either have the freeze protection built in the same cabinet or may be in a separate cabinet.

This is a very simple device to use, just turn the temperature dial to the desired set temperature and once reached, the device will bypass the timer mechanism and turn the pump on. The pump will remain on until the temperature returns above the set temperature. Here are examples of IntermaticTM timers with freeze protection devices.

Built-in freeze protection devices

Are integrated as part of equipment automation systems such as Jandy AqualinkTM, Pentair EasyTouchTM/IntelliTouchTM/IntelliCenterTM, and Hayward ProLogicTM/OmniLogicTM. These devices require programming to ensure each pump is activated. If you are not familiar with programming your automation system, please call our office for assistance.

Annual Testing

These systems should be tested annually to ensure they are:

  1. Properly connected and programmed
  2. Will function if and when the weather turns cold!

Once your system has been tested and is functioning properly, in most cases you can rest assured your equipment will survive a normal Texas Winter.

Keep in mind, not all pools have freeze protection. If your pool does not have freeze protection the equipment must be manually turned on before the temperature drops — see our post on manually protecting your equipment in a freeze. As always, feel free to call our office to ask questions or set up an appointment for a technician to come onsite to walk you through the proper steps to protecting your equipment.

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