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Pool Renovation Basics – Interior Finishes

Plaster is a term sometimes used generically to describe any cementitious interior finish of a swimming pool. The three primary types are basic or marcite plaster, quartz, and pebble. Plasters have two common ingredients - white portland cement and water. The differences come in the other ingredients
  • Plaster uses marble sand
  • Quartz uses quartz sand...
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Do I need a variable speed pump?

“Do I need a variable speed pump?” is really not the correct question, especially since your current pump is likely working just fine. Instead you should be asking Does it make sense for me to upgrade to a variable speed pump? The answer may surprise you! When considering Variable Speed Pumps (VSP), most people think in...
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Do You Speak Pool?

Do You Speak Pool? Speak the same language as your pool contractor to make your renovation go smoothly! As summer comes to an end in Texas, as well as other southern states, it may be time to consider updating your pool/spa or taking care of some of those lingering issues which may have prevented total enjoyment of...
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