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Getting Ready for the Swim Season

Here in Central Texas, if you aren’t already swimming, you soon will be. Below is a list of what you should do to start the season right and help prevent problems later on when the water is warm and your pool has a lot of swimmers ...
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It’s Hot!

After enjoying a wet, cool spring and early summer, we are well into our hottest time of the year in Central Texas. Having a pool in the back yard is a wonderful way to enjoy these hot days outside. Chances are, though, you are beginning to see and feel the effects of 95º+ temperatures...
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Sunblock and Your Pool

Most swimmers use some sort of sunblock or tanning oils when they use an outdoor pool. This can cause several problems with your water and filter. First, sunblock and oils can clog your filter and make it less effective. Over time, this can even require you to have to change sand more frequently. Clogged DE...
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