Fix Leaks Before City Water Averaging

Most cities in and around Central Texas perform water averaging for three of the four winter months of November through February. Unless you address your leak(s) before the averaging, you will be paying for it for the next year. Most normal pools lose up to ¼” per day during the Summer months due to evaporation. This...
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Do You Speak Pool?

Do You Speak Pool? Speak the same language as your pool contractor to make your renovation go smoothly! As summer comes to an end in Texas, as well as other southern states, it may be time to consider updating your pool/spa or taking care of some of those lingering issues which may have prevented total enjoyment of...
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How to Reduce Chemical Use in Your Pool and Spa

Chemicals such as chlorine make swimming pools possible. Without them, you wouldn’t have the assurance that you won’t get sick or have to swim through algae, oils and other unpleasant organics and contaminants. While chemicals are necessary, we’d all like to reduce our exposure to them, so here are some ways to get as close to...
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