What to Consider when it Comes to Renovating Your Backyard Pool

Is this your year to renovate your backyard pool? Hines Pool and Spa has been a preferred choice for pool renovations for over 25 years. Whether it’s minor repairs or a major upgrade, families who put their trust in Hines Pool and Spa have been glad they did! For instance, take this recent quote from our customer, Sue W. who said “An amazing remodel of our pool. Thank you Hines! Quality work and the clean-up was impressive as well.”

There are some things you should definitely watch for when selecting your pool renovation team. For instance:

Vendor reputation.

Ask to speak with previous clients. Find out what you need to know before you make your selection! Hines Pool & Spa has been servicing pools since 1986. A reputable company is going to offer you a warranty on their work. However, a sometimes overlooked question concerns the vendor’s longevity. With 30 years in the Central Texas pool business and over 25 years in pool renovation and repair, we’ll be here for the long haul with the best warranty in the industry!

Prior work samples:

Most reputable vendors can provide you with photos of prior work. However, since many people these days are trained in Photoshop, it’s even better to see the finished projects for yourself! Hines Pool & Spa has examples of our pool work all across our site and you can see some even on our pool renovations page.

Impact on your home’s value.

You’ve already determined that a pool is important to your lifestyle, but did you know that, in hot climates like Central Texas, a pool can actually add up to 8% to the home’s value? You’ll want to protect that investment and your home’s future resale value by taking the steps that will not only let you enjoy your pool today but protect your investments in the future!

Watch Out for Low Bids.

Sometimes you need to ask yourself why a bid is so low! If the vendor has selected sub-standard materials that won’t hold up, are you really saving money? Is your vendor insured? You’ll never find us cutting corners at Hines Pool & Spa.

Hines Pool and Spa has expertise in a wide range of pool renovation and pool repair work, including pool resurfacing, decorative tile and coping and mechanical work including pool heaters, pool lighting, pumps and motors, valves and controls. When it comes to re-surfacing, aggregate is the preferred method these days. Discerning home owners are moving to them because they have a longer warranty, are stronger than traditional plaster surfaces, last longer and add more beautiful surface to pool interiors. In particular, we recommend and use Pebble Tec for a lot of the projects we work on.

Critical vendor selection is critically important when it comes to meticulous, detailed work like laying decorative pool tile or coping. Here, an artisan’s touch makes a world of difference. Be certain to select installers with a track record for perfection. When you choose Hines Pool & Spa, you can trust your tile and coping will be straight, even and beautiful. Our seasoned installers will help select the perfect tile or stone for your yard and we’ll treat your yard as if it were our own.

Hines Pool & Spa has been cleaning, repairing and renovating pools in Central Texas since 1986 and is now the largest pool service company in the region. Our crew of specialized technicians is recognized for professional, courteous service and support. Visit our website at www.hinespool.com or call us at 512-873-8565 for more information or to schedule service.


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