Fall is the time to begin thinking about pool and equipment renovation, including resurfacing.

There are many amazing options when it comes to resurfacing your pool! We offer all types of different surfaces. From traditional plaster to pebble surfaces, Hines Pool & Spa has the experience to provide what works best for your pool and budget.

Preparation is Key
We bid against companies that do little preparation for your new surface. They don’t pressure wash like we do, and they don’t provide a full bond coat to make sure that the new surface adheres properly.

Pebble Surfaces
Pebble surfaces offer a very long-lasting finish that’s beautiful as well. We use a variety of colors and finishes that will upgrade the value of your pool and spa. These finishes use small, colored pebbles that vary from slightly textured to polished and smooth. Call us today for a free estimate and to see samples.

Tile, Coping, Decks and Water Features
The best time to replace tile and coping is when we resurface your pool and spa. We offer a great variety of ways to update the look of your backyard to raise its profile to match the great work you’ve done to your house. If your deck is cracked and rough, we can help you with that with complete replacement or with repairs and epoxy coatings. While you’re at it, consider adding a water feature such as a fountain. Not only do these add value and create a luxurious environment, they help cool the water off, adding to your comfort on those 100 degree days!

You should also consider improving the safety of your pool. In recent years, the industry has worked hard to make sure that entrapment injuries are a thing of the past by designing safer main drains and automatic pump shutoff devices should improper suction be detected. We’ll also look at your steps, depth markers, step and depth demarcation, fencing and electrical issues.

Modern pumps, filters, media etc. are energy efficient and keep the water clearer. Sand filters, for example, can now use glass media that filter more finely than sand and require less frequent backwashing, saving water. Automatic controls make taking care of your pool easier than ever.

Hines Pool & Spa, Inc. carries both liability and worker’s compensation insurance. Not every pool company does. Why is this important? If a company’s employee is injured on your property, and they don’t have the right kind of insurance, you may be liable for damages. It doesn’t make sense to take that chance.

We’ve been renovating pools and spas for almost 30 years. We are happy do jobs as small as resurfacing a spa or as large as projects like the huge pool renovations we completed at Ft. Hood last year. We guarantee our work and provide a good value you can depend on. Newer companies that get their foot in the door with low bids and big promises might not be around in a few years if there is a problem. In fact, a significant portion of our renovation business consists of redoing poor work and solving problems that inexperienced companies create.

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