Pool and Spa Repairs

Pool Pumps & Motors

Pool systems can be very complex. Hydraulics, electronic controls, water chemistry, heaters, automatic cleaners, filtration, structural issues and having to deal with dozens of manufacturers require a broad base of knowledge and experience. We could list all of the pool and spa related products we service, but it’s easier to point out that there is almost nothing we can’t work on.
Whether your problems are little or big, call us today to schedule one of our experienced technicians to get your pool or spa back in swimming condition. Our technicians have the training, experience, certification, licensing (TICL #274) and insurance to solve your pool and spa problems.

Pool Lighting & Electric

You should always consult codes or a professional before replacing pool lighting and electric fixtures. Due to the possibility of electrical shock or electrocution, replacing lights and components is not recommended as a “do-it-yourself” project. Our technicians are trained and licensed to install and repair pool and spa related products. When there is an electrical component such as a new breaker that requires an electrician, we will let you know and coordinate with him or her. (TICL #274) Call us today to schedule one of our experienced technicians to evaluate and fix any electrical pool issues you are having.

Pool Valves & Controls

We are experts in pool automation and control. From simple chemical feeders to complex and remote monitoring, we can design and implement a system to make your pool and spa care virtually effortless.

Pool Leak Detection

If your pool loses one inch of water per day, that’s 8,000 gallons a month for an average backyard pool plus all of the chemicals in that water. All that water goes into the ground below your pool. This can cause damage to your pool shell, deck, and even your house foundation. Water loss is more expensive in the long run than having those leaks located and repaired.
Hines Pool & Spa, Inc. has the experience and equipment to find and repair those leaks. Call us today, so we can solve your expensive water loss problem.

pool spa heater water jets Jacuzzi

Pool Heaters

Installing or replacing a heater can require plumbing, electrical wiring, and venting, and should be installed by one of our qualified professionals. Our technicians are all manufacturer trained. Our experience will help you avoid the costly mistake of choosing the wrong heater brand or application.


View our Pool & Spa Parts Breakdown (PDF)


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