Pool Renovation

Equipment and Pool Renovation

We can update the look and function of your old pool. Modern designs and materials, along with energy efficient equipment, will make your pool and spa the centerpiece of your new backyard. Whether you need pool resurfacing or a new backyard living environment, Hines Pool & Spa, Inc. has the experience to make your backyard dreams come true.

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Pool and Spa Resurfacing

Preparation is the Key to Success.

Not all resurface jobs are the same. Resurfacing lasts only if the old surface is properly prepared. After removing all loose materials and water blasting, applying a full-coverage bonding agent is essential. This costs more, but it’s well worth it.

Beware of the Low Bid

Quality materials and methods cost more than cutting corners. When you gather bids for your resurface job, make sure the companies you choose have been in business for years, have insurance and a track record of doing a quality job and honoring warranties.

Warranties aren’t worth much if that low bid company disappears

Hines Pool & Spa has been resurfacing pools for 30 years. Resurfacing is a competitive business. We offer the lowest price possible, consistent with the quality you need. We offer the best warranties in the business.


Tile and Coping

Full coverage of bond coat after removing all loose plaster:

bad prep of bond coat after removing plaster

Poor Pool Prep

Hines prep of bond coat after removing plaster

Hines' Pool Prep

Hines has been replacing tile and coping for 30 years. Craftsmanship makes a big difference when it comes to installing hundreds of individual pieces of tile or stone. Our installers are perfectionists. Your tile and coping will be straight, even, and beautiful. We will help you choose your tile or stone. We know what works best and what is easy to clean and care for. The best time to replace tile or coping is when you have your pool resurfaced.

Visit these tile supplier Web sites for ideas and photographs:

Master Tile
NPT Pool


Redesign and Rebuild

Perhaps your pool and spa don’t match your tastes or needs. We can do everything from changing the shape, adding water features and benches, to updating the coping and tile.


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