Leak Detection

If your pool loses one inch of water per day, that’s 8,000 gallons a month for an average backyard pool plus all of the chemicals in that water. Just imagine where all that water is going and the damage it is causing to the ground below your pool. This can cause damage to your pool shell, deck, and foundation.
Water loss is more expensive in the long run than having those leaks located and repaired.

Hines Pool & Spa, Inc. has the experience and equipment to find and repair those leaks. Call us today, so we can solve your expensive water loss problem.


Is it a leak or evaporation? Perform the bucket test.

bucket test for leak detection

Pick a day when no one is using the pool. Place a bucket on the top step in your pool (so the water has the same temperature as the pool) and fill it to the same level as your pool. Mark the water level in the bucket and the level in your pool at the same time. Tape works well for this. Check the levels the next day. The bucket and pool will lose about the same due to evaporation. If your pool level has dropped significantly more than the level in the bucket, you have a leak. Repeat the test with the pump off to see if it’s a static leak or in your plumbing.


Water loss calculator

Length in feet

Width in feet

Daily water loss in inches

Gallons per month your pool is losing


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