How Can a Solar Pool Cover Save Energy

Using a solar pool cover can save energy and significantly reduce swimming costs. In this article, we’ll go over how swimming pools lose energy and how solar pool covers can help reduce that loss. We hope it’s informative for you.

A solar pool cover, which is also known as a solar pool blanket or pool blanket, does more than a standard pool cover. Solar pool covers are large sheets of plastic that look like bubble wrap and lie on top of your pool. A solar pool cover keeps evaporation to a minimum, keeps out debris and reduces chemical consumption. It can also help heat the water in your pool. With a solar pool cover, you can swim longer in the season because your water is warmer.

A solar pool cover heats your pool naturally because you’re using the sun to heat your pool. It conserves water because you’ll reduce evaporation and save on your water bill when you use a solar pool cover. You’ll also use fewer chemicals which is good for not only your budget but also the environment. It will also eliminate debris by keeping your pool cleaner. You’ll run your filter less by eliminating leaves and other debris with the solar pool cover.

Did you know that 75% of your swimming pool’s heat loss is due to evaporation? The solar pool cover minimizes heat loss by acting as a barrier between the water and the air. Some say you can reduce swimming pool heating costs by up to 70% by using a solar pool cover.

Solar pool covers also reduce the amount of water you need to add to a pool by 30 to 50%. The less evaporation that occurs, the more water you retain in your pool. You’ll want to get a solar pool cover that fits the shape of your pool. Put it on the pool and trim any excess with scissors.

Solar pool covers vary in cost. You can get one from anywhere between $50 and $300. Remember to get a quality pool cover because it will help keep your water levels up better. Whatever you decide to do, we recommend a solar pool cover to extend the swimming season for you and your family and keep your energy and chemical costs down.

Remember – when you are using the pool, you must completely remove the solar pool cover.

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