Valves and Controls for your Pool

Valves and controls for your pool can help you keep your pool from freezing, monitor chemical levels and putting pumps and lights on timers among other things. In this article, we’ll take a look at some valves and controls and see what they can do for your pool.

pool valve and control panel

Jandy AquaLink RS One Touch

The Jandy AquaLink RS One Touch allows you to ‘set it and forget it’ when it comes to your pool or spa. From the console, you can adjust spa temperature, turn on water features and lights, adjust your sanitizer generation with just the touch of a button. AquaLink allows you to control individual spa and pool equipment from inside your home. You can automate daily functions like filtration and sanitation. You can also protect your pool from freezing. All told, you can manage up to 32 pool and spa features with this product.

The CAT 2000® control system constantly monitors pH and sanitizer activity. It will automatically implement chemical feeding in proportion to demand so you have picture-perfect water quality at all times.

The Jandy Valve Actuator works with the AquaLink control system, offering versatile pool and spa automation. It automatically turns 2-port and 3-port diverter valves. It works on Jandy, Hayward and Pentair Compool valves. It’s available in 24 volt model.

The Jandy NeverLube valve is completely maintenance-free. It’s built from tough CPVC material that can withstand chemical and temperature fluctuations. It will never crack, leak or break. It can work in conjunction with the Jandy Valve Actuator for automatic operation. It’s great for spas and water features that require high flow rates.

The Jandy® Pro Series Check Valve features a clear lid and a red seal plate. You can inspect them easily. They have a unique swing/spring design for both return and intake of water. It’s made of the same CPVC material as the Jandy NeverLube so it’s tough. It’s available in straight through or 90 degree models. It’s easy to disassemble when cleaning out debris. It’s highly resistant to chlorine. Larger dimensions make it easy to connect to the Jandy Pro Series’ 3HP Stealth Pump.

The Spears Blue and White is our favorite ball valve because it’s dependable and doesn’t leak. It’s relatively inexpensive and easy to use.

Intermatic Timers for the pool and spa reduce installation costs and provide all the electrical requirements and flexibility for any pool/spa application. You can get a time switch, an air switch or a fully loaded digital center to control every aspect of your pool. Intermatic has you covered.

Freeze protection controls are designed to protect the pool and spa equipment and plumbing from freeze damage. They will know to turn the pump on when the outdoor temperature drops below the temperature set by the user-adjustable thermostat. You can get a model with timing or one without but will connect to a timing apparatus. The timing and temperature controls will help protect your pool/spa from freeze damage all while providing automation and protection for the equipment.

As you can see, there are a great many varieties of pool/spa valves and controls that can help these luxury items stay in great condition. They are mostly automated and protect your pool/spa from a variety of difficulties so that you can manage your pool/spa better. If you have questions on any of these products or others like them, we suggest you contact us at 512-873-8565 for more information. We’d love to help.

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