Chemical Safety Pages

It’s important to store pool chemicals safely to protect your safety and your property. Here are some guidelines.

  • Read manufacturers’ warnings concerning handling and storage.
  • Store your pool chemicals in a cool, dry place where pets, children and sunlight can’t reach them. The room must be ventilated.
  • Make sure to store chemicals in the container they came in. Make sure lids are tight.
  • Separate chlorine and acid by a few feet.
  • Store liquids lower than powders and solids.
  • Store pool chemicals away from flammable materials like gas, grease and turpentine as well as paint, paint thinners, fertilizers, herbicides, and other combustibles.
  • Keep dry chemicals dry. Even in a little moisture in cal hypo can cause a fire, for example.
  • Lock the storage area to keep children and animals out.
  • Make sure each pool chemical has its own labeled measuring cup. Using the same measuring cup with different chemicals can cause a reaction including fire.

When handling the chemicals, wear safety gear like goggles, and gloves. Read the manufacturers’ instructions on what is recommended for each chemical.

You should not smoke or use a lighter or matches near pool chemicals. Wash your hands after handling chemicals.

When diluting chemicals, always add chemicals to water - never the other way around.



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