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Getting Ready for the Swim Season

Here in Central Texas, if you aren’t already swimming, you soon will be. Below is a list of what you should do to start the season right and help prevent problems later on when the water is warm and your pool has a lot of swimmers. (more…)...
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Prepare Now Against Hidden Pool Dangers!  

With pool season coming soon now, Hines Pool & Spa wants to remind all our customers to be vigilant for some of the major 'hidden dangers' in your backyard pool.  There are three big ones to watch out for:  improper sanitation/ poor hygiene, swimming accidents and exposure to electrical shock. (more…)...
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Our Unusual Drought

It’s hard to keep in mind that Lake Travis is still only 38% full. We’ve had good rainfall in Austin this year and everything’s green, but the welcomed rain has had only a modest impact on lake levels. It’s still important that we all conserve water where we can. For pool owners, this means being...
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