The Dangers of Online Pool Products

When you buy pool products online from non-local companies, you should know that there is a significant cost for those low prices. In most cases, you won’t get the manufacturer’s full warranty, and if you decide to return the product, it will cost you money.


You won’t get the full warranty in most cases. Pentair, the largest manufacturer, offers only a 60-day warranty on most products unless they are installed by a qualified company like Hines Pool & Spa.

If you have a problem, you’ll have to send in the equipment at your own expense and hope your installation didn’t damage the equipment and void the warranty. By registering your professionally installed Pentair product, you’ll increase your warranty period to 1-3 years, depending on the type of product. Some companies, like Raypak Heaters and Zodiac (Polaris and other brands), offer no warranty for equipment not installed by a qualified installer. If you still decide to order from an Internet company, READ THE FINE PRINT.

You might not get the correct product for your pool. If you read reviews of pool products, you’ll often find that the lowest ratings are from customers who install equipment themselves. This is usually because the customer chose the wrong size or installed it incorrectly. Installing “like with like” makes sense if the equipment you have now is correct, which it often isn’t. It takes training and experience to get it right.

We have recently begun to see counterfeit equipment packed in brand name boxes shipped from Internet companies. No wonder they can sell at a low price!

Return Policies

The most popular Web sites for pool products all have similar return policies. They accept returns within 15-30 days (a few are 60 or 90 days) provided the product is in unused condition in its original box. They do not refund shipping and handling and the customer has to pay for return shipping. If you need to return an item after their “free” return period, you will pay shipping and restocking charges of up to 25%. The returned item must be in unused condition in its original box.

Here is one typical example

Our Recommendation

While it seems counter-intuitive, buying from a licensed and experienced vendor like Hines Pool & Spa is actually a wiser financial choice in the long run!

Besides offering complete pool & spa maintenance, we also sell a full line to meet all your pool care needs. We’ve got you covered, whether it’s pool chemicals or the actual operating equipment you’ll need (feeders, pumps, filters, back-wash valves and heaters).

You can trust us to bring it to you at a fair value compared to any authorized, local pool company and we’ll eliminate the kinds of hassles mentioned in this blog!

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