The Dangers of Online Pool Products

When you buy pool products online from non-local companies, you should know that there is a significant cost for those low prices. In most cases, you won’t get the manufacturer’s full warranty, and if you decide to return the product, it will cost you money. Warranties You won’t get the full warranty in most cases. Pentair, the...
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Chemical Safety Pages

It’s important to store pool chemicals safely to protect your safety and your property. Here are some guidelines.
  • Read manufacturers’ warnings concerning handling and storage.
  • Store your pool chemicals in a cool, dry place where pets, children and sunlight can’t reach them. The room must be ventilated.
  • Make sure to store chemicals in the container they came in....
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We’re 30 Years Old!

I began Hines Pool & Spa in 1986 with one commercial account, an old van, a set of cleaning equipment and the firm belief that focusing on customer service matters more than anything in building a successful business. Today, Hines Pool & Spa has more that 40 employees, 35 trucks, its own 5,000 square foot...
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