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The Dangers of Online Pool Products

When you buy pool products online from non-local companies, you should know that there is a significant cost for those low prices. In most cases, you won’t get the manufacturer’s full warranty, and if you decide to return the product, it will cost you money. Warranties You won’t get the full warranty in most cases. Pentair, the...
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Dispelling the Biggest Pool Myths

There are some persistent pool myths out there. Most of them were fed to you as a child. Now that you’re all grown up, it’s time to get the facts. You have to wait an hour after eating to swim. This is a deeply ingrained myth. The truth is that you don’t have to wait an hour...
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It’s Hot!

After enjoying a wet, cool spring and early summer, we are well into our hottest time of the year in Central Texas. Having a pool in the back yard is a wonderful way to enjoy these hot days outside. Chances are, though, you are beginning to see and feel the effects of 95º+ temperatures...
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Sunblock and Your Pool

Most swimmers use some sort of sunblock or tanning oils when they use an outdoor pool. This can cause several problems with your water and filter. First, sunblock and oils can clog your filter and make it less effective. Over time, this can even require you to have to change sand more frequently. Clogged DE...
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Our Unusual Drought

It’s hard to keep in mind that Lake Travis is still only 38% full. We’ve had good rainfall in Austin this year and everything’s green, but the welcomed rain has had only a modest impact on lake levels. It’s still important that we all conserve water where we can. For pool owners, this means being...
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What to Consider when it Comes to Renovating Your Backyard Pool

Is this your year to renovate your backyard pool? Hines Pool and Spa has been a preferred choice for pool renovations for over 25 years. Whether it’s minor repairs or a major upgrade, families who put their trust in Hines Pool and Spa have been glad they did! For instance, take this...
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Why is it important to maintain a swimming pool filtration system?

The swimming pool’s filtration system is like the heart of the pool. It keeps the circulation of, in this case, water, flowing so that your pool can run properly. In this article, we’ll go over the swimming pool filtration system and reasons why it’s important to maintain it.

Filter maintenance keeps your pool water sparkling...

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